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Cascade Reactions for Complex Natural Product Synthesis

One of the key demands for modern synthetic chemistry is that complex molecules are made, both to order and rapidly. In response to this, the formation of multiple carbon-carbon bonds, polycyclic structures and multifunctional compounds in a single chemical operation has become a persistent challenge for the synthetic chemist. Careful design of tandem, cascade or multi-component processes provides an innovative solution to the problem of complex molecule synthesis. Crucial to the success of these reactions is the mechanistic design of the process so that the progress of the transformation can be controlled so as to only produce the desired molecule.

We are interested in the design and implementation of cascade reactions to generate the complex frameworks of bioactive natural products in a single step. In addition, we also target the synthesis of natural product like structures through these cascades to form molecules of potentially unexplored biological activity.

Some of the targets for our group are shown below.

cascade targets

Our aim in this area is to develop rapid, innovative and exciting approaches to complex bioactive molecules and investigate their potential biological applications.

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