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Chemical Biology

The use of small molecules to probe biological function is a key area of chemical biology. We are developing chemical biology research programmes that utilise the functionalised small molecules that we can generate using our catalytic enantioselective methodology.

We are developing catalytic enantioselective methods for the construction of highly functionalised scaffolds and exploring the development of novel diversity generating reactions that transform a common structure into an array of structurally unique molecular frameworks. For example, the cyclopropanes that we can form using our enantioselective organocatalytic reaction are ideal starting points for the development of new diversity generating reactions. These libraries can be screened for biological activity as part of a programme towards the identification of new therapeutics.

chemical biology

We are also interested in developing more focussed chemical biology research programmes based on our synthetic methodology. In this respect we are interested in novel peptide mimetic systems and methods by which complex carbohydrates can be incorporated into biological macromolecules using mild and unobtrusive synthetic methods.

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