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Gaunt Group

Gaunt Group: Autumn 2016

There are currently thirty members of the Gaunt Group: eight postdocs, nineteen PhD students, two visiting Students and one MPhil student.

Email addresses can be obtained from the email address look-up page.

Lab phone number: +44 (0) 1223 336451.

Information on former group members.

Current Members of the Gaunt Group


Dr Michael Taylor
Dr Chuan He
Dr Chuan He
Dr Darren Willcox
Dr Darren Willcox
Dr Jaime Cabrera-Pardo
Dr Jaime Cabrera-Pardo
Dr Matt Burns
Dr Matt Burns
Dr Manuel Nappi
Dr Manuel Nappi
Dr John Chu
Dr John Chu
Dr Norihito Arichi
Dr Norihito Arichi

PhD Students:

Just finishing up:

Lily Chan
James Fox
James Fox

Fourth Year PhD Students:

Henry Male
Ben Chappell
Ben Chappell

Third Year PhD Students:

Daniel Lukamto
Kirsten Hogg
David Battersby
Aaron Trowbridge
Jacek Zakrzewski (Joint ChemEng)

Second Year PhD Students:

Patrick Williamson
Jennifer Nelson
Dominik Reich
Png Zhuang Mao

First Year PhD Students:

Sanesh Mistry
Keishi Kohara
William Whitehurst
Connie Buettner
Ewan Macaulay (Joint Pharmacology)
Nils Floden

MPhils, Visiting Students, Part IIIs and Summer Students:

Jorge Peiro (Visiting Student)
Cory Sylber (Visiting Student)
Jesus Rodrigalvarez (MPhil)
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