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Despite the changing face of organic chemistry one aspect remains constant: the ability to make molecules to order is something that, even now, is still unique to the synthetic chemist. What is changing in synthesis is the way that we go about achieving our goals. Solutions to new problems that are posed by medicine, biology and materials science demand that chemists make molecules faster, more complex, enantiopure and with routes that make analogues readily obtainable.

The use of catalysis to control the synthesis of architecturally complex and enantiopure molecules is a key aspect for the future of organic chemistry. We are interested in developing new enantioselective catalytic synthetic technology and using these methods to design innovative new tactics and strategies that enable the rapid synthesis of complex target structures as well as providing access to unprecedented structures with potentially interesting and unexplored biological properties.

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We are actively pursuing research programmes in the following areas:

If you are interested in the science we are investigating and would like to join our group then please check the research opportunities page or contact me directly.

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